Prerequisites and Equipment


We might have different preferences. Some like to walk with hiking poles, others stop now and then to photograph and some want to immerse themselves in thoughts. We walk together with room for everyone.

The hikes begin in Ierapetra, in southeastern Crete, so during a hiking week you stay at the same hotel. Sometimes a hike begins and/or ends with bus or taxi.

We walk along minor roads (mostly dirt roads) and major paths. Most of the hikes are in the mountains but when we cross Crete we also walk through villages.

A half day hike is about 4 hours, a full day hike is about 6 hours. We begin as early as possible to avoid the warmest time of the day,

Each one brings their own beverage and food on the hike.

Hiking in the mountains means walking uphill and downhill, which mainly put a strain on feet and knees. The warmer climate can be tiring. You need good health and fitness. You do not need to be an advanced hiker, but it is good if you are accustomed to being in motion for some hours, for example by having been hiking before.

I speak Swedish and English, see also About me.

Contact me if you have any questions!

hike hiking walk walking crete hikesEquipment

Hiking is a pretty simple activity that does not require big investments or special equipment. Some things are important for your comfort so you can enjoy and get the most out of your hiking.

hike hiking walk walking crete hikes

  • Used (not brand new) hiking shoes.
  • Special socks for hiking (if desired).
  • Hiking clothes (comfortable clothes).
  • Backpack for day hiking.
  • Sun protection: headdress, sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen.
  • Rainwear (and rain cover for your backpack).
  • Extra sweater.
  • Travel pharmacy, personal medicines, mosquito repellent.
  • What you need and desire for your provisions, for example, mug, water bottle, thermos bottle, plastic box.
  • Sit pad (if desired).