Prerequisites and Equipment


We do not walk in the ravines or climb; we follow small roads (usually gravel roads) and larger trails. Most of the hikes are up in the mountains.

Half day hiking is about 4 hours, full day hiking around 6 hours. We start as early as possible to get the least walking time during the warmest part of the day, that is, the afternoon.

Each one brings their backpack with the preferred beverage, something small to eat and other personal things.

Hiking in the mountains means walking uphill and downhill which burdens and strains mainly feet and knees. The warmer climate can be tiring. Good health and fitness are necessary, and endurance is more important than strength. You do not have to be an advanced hiker, but it’s good if you’re used to being in motion for a few hours, for example, by walking earlier.


Day hiking is a pretty simple activity that does not require major investments or specialised equipment. Some things are essential for your comfort to get the most out of your hiking. Contact me if you have any questions!

  • Used (not brand new) hiking shoes or hiking boots.
  • Special socks for hiking or other socks (important to wear socks that “breathe” to avoid blisters and wounds).
  • Hiking clothes (comfortable, not tight).
  • Backpack for day trips.
  • Sun protection: headgear, sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen.
  • Rainwear (and rain cover for your backpack).
  • Extra sweater or t-shirt.
  • Travel pharmacy, personal medicines, mosquito repellent.
  • What you need and prefer for your packing, like a mug, water bottle, thermos bottle, plastic box.
  • Own wishes, such as sitting pad, camera, binoculars.

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