Hike in Crete

Open yer eyes, oh, ye lucky wanderer,
for near to here is a place
where heaven and earth kiss and caress.
(Håkan Nesser in “Levande och döda i Winsford”)

hike hiking walk walking creteIn southeastern Crete, we walk together in the beautiful mountains with breathtaking views of land and sea. Olive groves, chapels and villages turn up in the rich and varied landscape. Peace and quiet in a tranquillity where all you hear is the wind and the goat bells.

The hikes begin in Ierapetra, in southeastern Crete, away from the main tourist areas. Here is pace calmer and everyday life goes on. The area is rich in sights with such as small charming villages. And we will, of course, enjoy the wonderfully delicious food and the famous Cretan hospitality!

Marked hiking trails are rare in Crete. After some years of hiking, I have collected an excellent range of personal and unique hikes. With a hiking leader, you can relax, do not have to worry about getting lost and will experience hidden gems. We might have different preferences, such as some like to walk with hiking poles, others stop now and then to photograph and some want to immerse themselves in thoughts. We spend time in nature, take in greenery and views, enjoy the present. Both body and soul get rest and recovery, new energy and power. We walk together with room for everyone.

The hiking season runs from early September to mid-June. I offer three arrangements:

  • occasional hike
  • “tailor made” according to preferences
  • hiking week


More about southeastern Crete and Ierapetra is available here and more about me here.

Welcome to Crete!